Please Do Not Use These Beauty Products On Your Genitals

vaginal skincare creams

  When it comes to beauty standards, the bar is raised higher and higher all the time. Somehow, we find a way to come up with some new, over-the-top ways to improve our appearance and the newest beauty trend is certainly a great example of this. Remember a little while back we enlightened you to …

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We Need To Stop Shaming Women Who Wear Makeup…And Those Who Don’t

We Need To Stop Shaming Women Who Wear Makeup...And Those Who Don't women makup

  Can you believe that it’s 2019 and women are still shaming other women? We know. We can’t believe it either! You would think that we, as a community, would be so over the act of telling other women what to do and what not to do, yet here we are. Sure, compared to the days …

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What Is A Butt Facial and Should You Get One?

reducing cellulite

  Ah, the wonders of a facial. Whenever you visit the spa and get your favorite facial treatment, you leave with an absolute glow. You honestly feel like a million bucks. Your skin looks radiant. It looks firm. It looks youthful. Now imagine all of that wonder applied to your butt. You heard us: We said …

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5 Beauty Trends For Summer and How To Try Them

makeup trends summer 2019

Summer 2019 is fully underway and that means it’s totally time to be sporting your summer beauty trends! When it comes to beauty trends for summer, there are a few returning trends and some exciting new ones that you’ll have a lot of fun exploring. To find out what they are, check out the five …

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Why Is Everyone Mad About War Paint, the New Makeup Brand For Men?

men's cosmetics

  Nowadays it seems like people are always upset about something, right? You can look online at any given moment and find people completely raging over a variety of topics. From Starbucks cups to Christmas songs, all different people from all different walks of life are quick to go in on just about anything. This week’s …

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6 Ways To Wear the Neutral Nail Polish Trend

neutral nail shades

Who doesn’t love having perfectly polished nails? In years past, bright pinks and bold reds have been the most popular nail polish shades, but there is a new nail trend taking over where simple and subdued neutral shades are the most coveted. From warm nudes to cool Earth tones, check out just seven polishes from …

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