12 Beauty Tips For Healthy Glowing Skin And Reduce Pores

12 Beauty Tips For Healthy Glowing Skin And Reduce Pores tips to follow for healthy skin

We all strive for smooth, clear, healthy skin. However, so many of us have trouble actually achieving that glowing, radiant look. We try endless skincare products, from serums to cleansers to exfoliants, but nothing seems to work. So what could be the problem? What is blocking our path towards beautiful skin? It turns out that …

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Maskne Is Real – What Can I Do For Mask Acne

What Can I Do For Mask Acne

The fight against COVID-19 persists as many states mandate the use of face coverings in public. Wearing a mask may be one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect yourself and others from the spread of the virus. The CDC recommends medical-grade PPE for healthcare personnel, but because these supplies are critical and …

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6 Bizarre Beauty Tips That Actually Work

6 Bizarre Beauty Tips That Actually Work 6 Bizarre Beauty Tips That Actually Work

How many of us consult Youtube tutorials or women’s magazines for beauty tips? These things usually offer the traditional tips that everyone has heard of. You know, sleep with a satin pillow to get rid of split ends – that kind of thing. Well, it turns out, the best beauty tips maybe a little more…unconventional. …

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3 Beauty Mistakes Women Over 40 Are Making

beauty tips for older women

As we age, our body changes. It’s only natural for your skin and hair to change as you get older and that means your beauty routine has to change. A lot of older women are making some very common beauty mistakes in their daily routine and it turns out they all have easy fixes! Check …

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Why Natural Products Are Better For the Environment?

toxic chemicals in skincare

Why Natural Products Are Better For The Environment? April 22nd is recognized around the world as Earth Day, a day in which everyone comes together to raise awareness for environmental issues and how to save the planet. On this occasion, we’d like to take a look at the link between beauty products and the environment, …

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The Best Hairstyles For Every Face Shape!

haircuts for different face shapes

The right haircut can do wonders for your appearance. When choosing a new hairstyle, one of the most important things to consider is your face shape. Many want to downplay certain factors of their face shape, while others want to accentuate the shape of their face. Either way, there are certain hairstyles that will make …

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Should You Shower In The Morning Or Evening

best time to shower

  It’s an age-old debate that has divided the masses: Should You Shower In The Morning Or Evening? Many people take their showers in the morning…and just as many people take their showers at night. So who is right? Is there even a right or wrong way to shower? Are there any beauty benefits that …

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4 Harmful Chemicals To Look Out For In Skincare Products

natural skincare

Have you noticed more and more beauty brands “going green” and making all-natural products? You’ve probably seen skincare products with labels saying, “Free of …” or “No …” to show that they do not include toxic chemicals. This is because many beauty gurus, cosmetic fanatics, and just consumers, in general, are turning to natural skin …

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Is Coffee Good Or Bad For Your Skin?

coffee and bad skin

There are so many pressing questions in the world: What is the meaning of life? Who created the universe? Is coffee good or bad for your skin? Okay, maybe that last one isn’t exactly as big as the others, but it still matters to a lot of people! We cannot lie – we love coffee. Like, we …

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Brush Or Beauty Blender To Apply Foundation

Brush Or Beauty Blender To Apply Foundation makeup brushes 824704 960 720

One of the biggest debates nowadays when it comes to beauty is choosing Brush Or Beauty Blender To Apply Foundation. For years – actually, decades – beauty novices and makeup artists alike applied their foundation with a makeup brush. Whether it be a wide, domed buffing brush or a flat foundation brush, it was almost …

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